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Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau

Neurotoxins are used for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, and are extremely effective at easing the over-contracted muscles that cause surface skin to look old or stressed.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are used to maintain volume in the face, and thus restore (or prolong) a youthful, rested, healthy appearance. Facial fillers instantly plump up nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sunken cheeks, thinning lips and soft jaw lines. Facial fillers can also be used to correct scars and deeper wrinkles.

The Triad Facial®

This facial was developed by leading New York dermatologist David Colbert, M.D. as a way of combining the best of the advanced medical and cosmetic skin care technologies into one effective skin renewal treatment. The three-part Triad features three skin health essentials: microdermabrasion, laser toning and a chemical peel.

The Model Glow Facial

This facial cleanses with microdermabrasion and enhances collagen production while defining the jawline and cheekbones by lifting and tightening skin with radiofrequency. Our Colbert MD illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask is paired with a combination of LED lights to moisturize and improve texture and tone for a dewy, healthy complexion. For an added glowing boost, this treatment is completed with cryotherapy on the face and neck for a luminous, energized appearance.

The Runway Laser Facial™

This facial preps and provides camera-ready, radiant skin with zero downtime. Combining advanced medical skincare technology (laser toning, radiofrequency, LED light therapy and microcurrent waves) with the cosmetic benefits of a facial, this treatment delivers immediate lifting, hydrating, and skin-brightening effects.


EmSculpt is the only non-invasive procedure to build muscle while contouring the body. Using High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, abdominal muscles are exposed to supramaximal contractions from flank to flank, which after 4 treatments, increases muscle by 16% and reduces fat by 19% on average. In addition, EMSculpt offers the world’s first non-invasive ‘butt lift’ procedure, effectively resulting in a leaner, more toned physique.


Our Electric Cryotherapy Chamber evenly reduces body temperature over the course of one-to-three minutes in order to achieve a number of benefits such as diminished inflammation, stimulated collagen production and increased energy levels. From the first session, marked improvements in skin appearance, soreness and stamina are enjoyed. Boosted mood and better quality of sleep typically accompany a cryogenic treatment.

LightStim® LED Therapy

LED Therapy implements low-level wavelengths of light to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, discoloration, rosacea and acne by stimulating cellular regeneration and activating collagen production. It is known to expedite skin healing pertaining to sunburn, wounds, abrasions, irritation and inflammation in addition to alleviating pain associated with muscle strain, joint issues and arthritis.

IV Therapy

Whether you wish to detox, improve energy levels, accelerate post-workout muscle recovery, strengthen the immune system or boost collagen levels and antioxidants, a selected range of vitamin infusions and intramuscular boosters can enhance overall performance. (*excludes Bespoke and Iron IV.)



Call 212-533-8888 or email
and mention NYDG FASHION WEEK 2020