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Cryotherapy Liquid Nitrogen Body-Only Cryo Sauna

Exercise, stress and the hazards of daily life can lead to muscle soreness and swelling. This inflammation response can lead to pain, additional injury and further damage to the immune system. Thus, reducing inflammation can speed injury recovery, reduce soreness and improve overall health. Elite athletes have long used ice baths to reduce swelling, but ice takes about 20 minutes and is painful with risk of frostbite. Cryotherapy works to reduce body temperature evenly with dry cold, which is much less uncomfortable, and achieves a significant reduction in inflammation as well as an decrease in cortisol and other anti-inflammatory markers in the body in only 3 minutes. With no downtime, this short treatment can be used before and after exercise and all other daily activities to improve overall health and wellbeing as well as to target injury recovery such as with lower back pain, arthritis or muscle tears and pulls. Observational studies also support benefits including collagen stimulation, cellulite reduction, norepinephrine triggering that may be useful for depression treatment, as well as acne and eczema reduction. A cryotherapy session takes 3 minutes and from the first treatment improvements in the skin’s appearance and increased energy are immediately noticeable. For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions are generally recommended. At NYDG we use state of the art technology that makes thermoregulation simple and efficient. Many athletes prefer our nitrogen cooled Cryo Sauna as they find the lower temperature (-120°C) more beneficial for their joints and muscle recovery. Cryotherapy sessions are helpful in the treatment of cellulite and are recommended as an integral part of NYDG Body Contouring regimens.

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