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The science of subjecting the human body to extreme cold temperatures to stimulate the healing of its circulatory, nervous and energy systems is a powerful remedial technology.  According to medical research, the optimum efficiency of whole body cryotherapy procedures is achieved once the body is exposed to temperatures between -85° and -150°C, reducing the skin’s surface temperature to approximately 5°C.  These non-invasive , short and extremely cold bursts of air projected to the human body evoke physiological reactions that prompt healing and recovery in numerous fields including improved skin quality, sports injury rehabilitation, immunostimulation and relief from symptoms of chronic fatigue due to intensive sports training.  Additionally the controlled cold environment has been proven to trigger an analgesic reaction in the neural mind leading to positive mood states which may be beneficial in the treatment of depression and sleep disorders.

A cryotherapy session takes 3 minutes and from the first treatment improvements in the skin’s appearance and increased energy are immediately noticeable.  For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions are generally recommended.

At NYDG we use state of the art technology that makes thermoregulation simple and efficient.  We offer an electric Whole Body Cryo Chamber and a liquid nitrogen body only Cryo Sauna both of which conform to the highest quality and safety standards.

Many athletes prefer our nitrogen cooled Cryo Sauna as they find the lower temperature (-120°C) more beneficial for their joints and muscle recovery.  Our electric Whole Body Cryo Chamber provides cooling to -85°C and is a firm favorite for those seeking the skin enhancing benefits of increased collagen production, improved skin elasticity and a reduction in skin blemishes.  Both treatments are helpful in the treatment of cellulite and are recommended as an integral part of NYDG Body Contouring regimens.

Additionally NYDG offers a signature CryoFacial and additional treatments with a mobile liquid nitrogen powered device that treats localized tissue damage, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging.

Cryotherapy for Cellulite/Body Smoothing

Cryotherapy for Injury

NYDG CryoFacial

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