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Personalized Wellness Program

Access world-famous NYDG physicians for a custom plan incorporating nutrition, general medicine, physical and lab work to design the ideal program for ensuring your best physical and mental performance. Custom plans include cryotherapy which has been shown to lower cortisol levels in the body, improving muscle repair, as well as IV infusions specifically targeting individual needs. Body and collagen stimulation treatments rejuvenate and detoxify, boosting overall energy.

Physical or Preventative Medicine Consultation

A medical examination to determine a person’s overall wellness and advise on steps to take to prevent illness.

Diagnostics / Lab Work


Nutrition Consultation and Program

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IV Therapy

Intravenous infusions and well-being injections targeting specific needs are always administered under authorization of a prescribing physician and after a health assessment. Specific treatments target rejuvenation, performance, sleep patterns and immune support.


Reduce body temperature evenly with dry cold in only 3 minutes. This short treatment can be used before and after exercise and all other daily activities to improve overall health and wellbeing as well as to target injury recovery such as with lower back pain, arthritis or muscle tears and pulls. Observational studies also support benefits including collagen stimulation and cellulite reduction.

Susanne Kaufmann Signature Detox Body Treatment

Promotes elimination of toxins through full-body scrub with special detox oil blend, deep tissue massage and alkalizing foot bath.

Collagen LED Bed

Our collagen bed uses the latest anti-aging light therapy technology to permeate skin and stimulate cell renewal and collagen production.

Physical or General Medicine Follow Up

Follow up appointments allow your doctor to monitor your health.

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