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We consult with our clients to better understand desired outcomes, historical challenges and the degree of potential in achieving and sustaining positive results. All programs are designed by one of our specialized Medical Doctors and are monitored to ensure continuous progress.

our programs

Personalized Wellness Program

A bespoke 360º lifestyle program to deliver your best physical and mental performance.

Active Lifestyle Program

Train like a world-class athlete. Personalized treatments tailored to help the body detoxify and rejuvenate for faster recovery time and enhanced overall performance.

High Definition Facial Rejuvenation

Your personal cosmetic and nutritional plan to deliver a smooth, youthful, glowing, camera-ready complexion.

Body Sculpting

Your custom targeting individual needs to promote a lean, toned, camera-ready physique.

Nutrient Recovery Boost

Immediately boost your nutrient balance to raise energy, immunity and overall well-being.


Restore and enhance your post-baby self with a personalized face, body and overall health plan.

Bride To Be

A comprehensive program to deliver your optimal appearance for (and long after) your wedding.

Jet Lag Recovery Boost

For immediately increased energy, immunity and overall well-being.

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