Clarifying Facial

Clarifying Facial

What is a Clarifying Facial?

Correct. Clarify. Renew.

This gentle and brightening facial combines microdermabrasion, our signature chemical peel and LED light to enhance skin clarity and tone, diminish the appearance of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, catalyze collagen production and reduce inflammation. Microdermabrasion involves light mechanical exfoliation performed via diamond tip applicator in tandem with the NYDG signature peel which features nourishing plant extracts and glycolic acid to dissolve the oldest cells on the skin’s surface and reveal a radiant, healthy glow. LightStim LED light therapy harnesses the power of MultiWave patented technology to stimulate cellular regeneration and support skin healing while stunting the proliferation of acne bacteria.

How does the Clarifying Facial work?

The Clarifying Facial boosts luminosity and balances complexions by polishing skin via dual exfoliation, amplifying collagen production and soothing irritation via red and blue LED light therapy while improving uneven tone and texture.

What are the benefits of a Clarifying Facial?

Our Clarifying Facial carefully resurfaces the skin by sloughing away dead cells, clearing any blockages and recalibrating moisture levels to hydrate, refine pore size, soften wrinkles and smooth acne scars. LED light alleviates acne, calms rosacea and combats hyperpigmentation.

How much does the Clarifying Facial cost?

$250 / $350 with décolletage or upper back / $450 with décolletage and upper back
30 min / 45 min with décolletage or upper back / 1 hr with décolletage and upper back
For maximum benefit, we advise an initial course of 4-6 weekly treatments with monthly maintenance thereafter.


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