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Z Wave

Z Wave stimulates collagen formation, it promotes skin elasticity and firmness is visible after only a few treatments. Z Wave’s high energy radial shockwaves have been proven to have significant positive impact on collagen structure, connective tissue and improving blood circulation.

Z Wave may be a “stand-alone“ application or in combination with other body contouring treatments.

In the case of the “stand-alone“ application, focus is generally on improving the skin structure and connective tissue. At NYDG we recommend Z Wave to improve the appearance of cellulite and for areas showing connective tissue weakness eg upper arm, underbelly.  Z Wave can also be helpful in the treatment of stretch marks

Immediately after a Coolsculpting treatment, massage is very important. At NYDG we use the Z Wave instead of a traditional massage by hand to break up the fat cells and create a more even, smoother result. The Z Wave is much more accurate when it comes to evenly distributing results across the treated area and the use of radial pulse technology optimizes a patient’s outcome.

After several treatments for fat reduction at NYDG we recommend skin tightening. With the Z Wave radial shockwave unit, it is also possible to significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and collagen regeneration

Z-wave is FDA approved to reduce and improve mild to moderate cases of cellulite.

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